Abby Sinclair: Allison Pang (Books 1, 2, & 3)

So here’s the deal.

Abby is the TouchStone for the Fae Protectorate, who is actually a princess, though I don’t recall if that’s stated right off the bat. So that could probably be a spoiler. Oh well.

This incubus named Brystion (nicknamed Ion) shows up and asks her to help him find his sister (a succubus, in case that didn’t occur to you) but “off the radar” in a manner of speaking.  There’s some real shady business goin on and because the three paths (Heaven, Hell, Fae (who are apparently a middle ground or something if I recall correctly?)) are not exactly on the BEST of terms, things should be kept on the down-low.

Things get complicated, as they always do; Abby turns out to be a Dreamer, which is something that he explains the meaning of but we still don’t really get to see it (even by the end of book 2) because Abby hasn’t learned how to control it yet. She’s haunted by some pretty severe nightmares, though; nightmares she can’t let go.

The bad guy here is Maurice. It’s been too long since reading it for me to tell you most accurately what the deal is exactly. But he basically, like, painted Brystion’s sister (and then Abby and I think a couple other people?) into these ugly ass paintings. And Abby ends up stuck in this painting with sharks (her biggest fear (which is totally irrational since she’s never even seen one)) and she almost dies and there’s a whole bunch of really tense drama and stuff. And then blah blah blah she’s saved and whatever.

Brystion and Abby have this super heated love affair–go figure–but it’s… it’s… I liked it. I mean, it was nice. beautiful, in a way. passionate. But he left her anyway. That pissed me off. But she gave him a place in her Heart of Dreaming or whatever, so… I mean… there’s that. (He can’t have one because he’s an incubus.)

It received a full 5 star rating on Goodreads by yours truly because I felt that the prose combined with the storytelling and the plot itself all deserved it. The dialogue doesn’t even feel forced, you guys. So many people have so many problems with dialogue that it’s really nice when someone gets it so very, very right.


As an aside, this model has a different facial structure (and body frame) than the last one. I’m not sure how I feel about it… Also, all of her hair is pink and purple in this one instead of just her bangs… Meh.

So here we go again. Sorta.

Maurice is in jail but the Queen is going insane and the Fae court is kind of a wreck. Moira’s baby is in Abby’s care until she hands him off to his father (which is a scandal!) to take care of stuff.

Now there’s romantic stuff brewing with her body guard Talivar, who turns out to be the prince and Moira’s half-brother.

Clusterfuck after clusterfuck. The Queen shuts down the CrossRoads, which puts the entire metaphysical community afluster, strands some, kills others, etc. The Demons actually threaten war on the Fae, which is actually where this one kinda leaves off. Because Talivar and Abby accidentally start it and then Abby pulls a stupid in order to save him and Brystion–who have a weird love triangle thing going with Abby now, which is… strange… but amusing and interesting nonetheless.

I was VERY unhappy about where this book ended. Very unhappy indeed. If you’re unhappy because I just said a whole ton of nothing, I apparently grew weary of typing this post. And there’s too much that counts as serious plot spoilers. And I don’t wanna ruin TOO much. I already dropped a couple huge things there, even if you don’t realize it yet.

This book also got 5 stars because, let’s face it, I’m basically in love with them. They’re so worth it. Entertaining and provocative and definitely different.

So um… here’s the thing:

I read this so long ago now (and have read so much material since then) that I don’t especially remember much of it.

I know that a number of things get resolved but least that many things really don’t.

Abby spends some time in a magic-drunk stupor because she’s supposed to die and they decided that it would be easier on her to knock her out of legitimate consciousness. Or something like that. But then the two men in her love triangle save her and then there’s all kinds of unhappiness and action and drama and magic and… you get the gist.

Gimme a break; I’m copying these reviews over from my old blog. =/

Look: It’s just as good as the other two and worthy of yet another 5 star rating on Goodreads. I fell in love with Pang’s material and I heartily recommend it to any fans of paranormal romance literature. Because the sex in here is hot. The sexual tension is also really excellent, for the record, which there is much more of than actual sex. Just saying.

Until next time,



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